My Therapy and Care

Physical Therapy: I see Linda Sydney Mermelstien in San Jose once a month. She is a great PT and has helped me accomplish a lot. We work on my overall strength and she teaches my mom and dad lots of new moves so they can continue to work with me when we get home. I usually make the journey to San Jose once a month. My mom and I are going to start flying to San Jose together so I can see her twice a month. Other than that, my mom works out with me every day so I don’t get much of a break, except for Sundays!!

Occupational Therapy: Helda Barbosa and I practice yoga together and she works on improving my hand and eye coordination. Overall, our goal is to fine tune my motor and cognitive skills.

Craniosacral Therapy: Linda also specializes in craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy manipulates the bones of the skull to treat a range of conditions.

The craniosacral rhythm inside the human body is an important rhythm. It results from the increase and decrease in the volume of cerebrospinal fluid within and around the craniosacral system. After my sessions, I sleep better, relax my hands, and overall it makes me feel great. My mom took a class in craniosacral therapy for infants and she practices with me as well!

Yoga: Yoga is one of my favorite things! Yoga helps to increase my body awareness, strength and overall flexibility. My mom has a great book called Yoga for the Special Child. I love the way yoga makes me feel and I am always so relaxed after we do yoga together.

Home Therapy and Swim Therapy: We practice my therapeutic exercises 6 days a week two times a day! I also do aquatic therapy and I really like the water. For right now my mom and dad twirl me around in the pool and I try and kick my legs like a tadpole!

Neurologist: I am just beginning to know my neurologist. So far, I have had a MRI (not fun) and an EEG. I continue to do EEGs regularly to check my brain activity. I will need another EEG soon to measure my brain activity. EEG’s are done periodically to check and see if my seizure activity has ceased.

Ophthalmologist: I am seeing an ophthalmologist because the medicine I take can cause vision problems. I see my ophthalmologist every three months so he can check how my eyes are doing.

Pediatrician: I see my general pediatrician once a month so he can check to see if I am growing big and strong.

Medication: In the beginning, I tried Prednisone (a steroid). It did not help me and made me very irritable. I did not want to sleep and cried all the time and nobody was happy so we stopped that.

I am currently taking Vigabatrin. So far it has helped to decrease my seizure activity.


The Cobra Pose


Me and my PT, Linda working on my neck strength.


Me on the ball.


Craniosacral Therapy !


Me and my OT, Helda.